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  • Aspergillus prevalence and cystic fibrosis (continued)

    Independent June 26th  "A  21 year old medical student spending her holidays doing work experience at a hospital made a major breakthrough in the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Jo Armstead, 21, spent hundreds of hours examining medical data from 30 countries and discovered that there are over 75,000 people with the genetic disorder, of whom half are over 18 years - with 50 per cent infected by the fungus, Aspergillus. Experts said the finding could help prolong the lives of patients with the debilitating lung condition, as well as help diagnose it where it had not been detected at birth."
    The research has now been published in prestigious scientific journal  Plos One, view article ; view interview

    It is known that CF patients have an increased chance of getting aspergillosis -diagnosed mainly as ABPA and estimates that 10 - 15% of all CF patients have this allergic infection, and more will eventually get the more invasive  (Aspergillus bronchitis) is now recognised in CF patients, this worsens the prognosis for CF patients.
    Aspergillus spp. can lead to allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA), Aspergillus sensitisation and Aspergillus bronchitis in CF patients. The relative frequencies of these entities have recently been ascertained in a large UK adult CF cohort. We have used this data to estimate the burden of aspergillosis and ABPA cases in adult CF patients in 30 countries reporting CF.​
    National and international CF registry data was accessed and assessed for completeness and age distribution. Published proportions of ABPA (17.7%), Aspergillus sensitisation (14.6%) andAspergillus bronchitis (30%) in CF were applied to those >18 years and compared with notified ABPA cases. Of the 76,201 estimated CF patients worldwide (not including India), 37,714 were >18 years. The proportion of adults to children varied from 63% in Norway to 20% in Brazil. ABPA caseload in adults is anticipated to be 6,675 cases of which only 2,221 cases (33%) are currently recorded, indicating substantial underdiagnosis.

    Country registries for CF have been ongoing for years, but never before has the problem infection aspergillosis been estimated. The UK has the second highest number of adult CF sufferers (5290), second only to the USA (13,657).​

    Press: Daily Telegraph July 9th , 2014




  • Manchester organizes ESOF2016 and will be the European City of Science 2016

    The ESOF Supervisory Board and EuroScience are proud to announce that the EuroScience Open Forum will be hosted from the 22nd until the 27th July 2016 in Manchester, UK. The University of Manchester, the Manchester City Council, Visit Manchester, The New Economy and Marketing Manchester have worked hard to put together a very promising bid. The rich history of Manchester in engineering, technology, science and industry blends perfectly with the modern city of knowledge, learning and innovation, and not to forget football. We are convinced that Manchester will add its name as another major European city to the European Cities of Science that have organized ESOF since 2004 in Stockholm.
    Dr. Gail Cardew, chairperson of the ESOF Supervisory Board, said: “For a city to be awarded ESOF is to effectively give them the title of European City of Science. The city becomes a focal point for a discussion about science, not just among scientists but with the whole city. Manchester’s tradition of world class research together with engaging the public provides a perfect backdrop for ESOF, and we look forward to developing a strong and exciting programme with the President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, and the Vice-President for Research and Innovation, Professor Luke Georghiou.”
    Professor Luke Georghiou, Vice-President for Research and Innovation at The University of Manchester, was jointly responsible for preparing the bid to host ESOF2016. He said: "We are delighted to be able to organize Europe's biggest general science conference in Manchester in 2016. With Manchester's unique tradition in technology, industry, engineering, science and innovation we are sure that we can offer a superb environment for delegates from Europe and from all over the world. We are looking forward to working together with EuroScience to make Manchester 2016 a worthy successor to Dublin 2012 and Copenhagen 2014, and we are grateful for the support from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.”
    Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell said: “This exciting announcement cements Manchester’s position as a world leader in science and technology. This is Europe’s largest general scientific conference and it will bring 4500 delegates to the City in July 2016, including global scientific and technology leaders. The theme of the 2016 Forum will be breakthroughs in science and the conditions needed for a city to capitalise on scientific knowledge: from education through to investment in science.”

    About ESOF

    The EuroScience Open Forum, ESOF, is well established as the biggest general science conference in Europe. It was organized for the first time in Stockholm in 2004 and has since been held every two years, coming to Munich, Barcelona, Turin and Dublin. Copenhagen will host ESOF in 2014. ESOF is the European meeting place for scientists, science teachers, media, politicians, industry and the public at large, and aims to:

    • Presenting scientific and technological developments at the cutting edge from natural sciences to scoial sciences and humanities
    • Stimulating the European public’s awareness of and interest in science and technology;
    • Fostering a European dialogue on science and technology, society and policy by offering a platform for cross-disciplinary interaction and communication between the public, politicians,policy makers, industry, the media and scientists on current trends and future roads forscience and technology, their interaction with society and policy and the role of the public.

    About EuroScience
    EuroScience is the European grassroots organization of scientists and all those taking an interest in science. It is the voice of European researchers, across disciplines and countries; promoting dialogue with researchers worldwide. Its objectives are:

    • Engaging with policymakers, business and society to create a stronger Europe through science;
    • Working convening partnerships to work on careers, rights and responsibilities of scientists and key issues of science policy;
    • Promoting transparency of, and providing information on European STI policies;
    • Advancing science for the pursuit of knowledge, prosperity and global development, and for addressing transdisciplinary global challenges.

    EuroScience is based in Strasbourg.

    For the press
    For more information: contact Peter Tindemans, secretary-general EuroScience ([email protected]; +31 6 2044 1945)

    Please click here to view the ESOF2016 Press Release


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