Research Associate B

us: Research Associate B [Regular 100% | Duties: Works closely with the PI to establish project goals, design experiments, and interpret results; Interacts with collaborators from different departments and institutions on a regular basis; Serves as major contributing member of the research team, participating in the development of research hypotheses and planning the project parameters and scope; Authors and co-authors research findings and presents at national conferences; Mentors junior members of the research group; Conducts instrument design, construction, testing and validation; Independently conducts research of aspects of multiple projects or runs the research laboratory while engaged in academic/intellectual endeavors; Responsible for establishing and maintaining experimental sche... | Minimum Requirements: PhD in biomedical engineering, biological sciences, physics, engineering mechanics, pharmaceutical sciences or other relevant disciplines; Statistical interpretation of raw data; Extensive laboratory experience; Experience working in a team setting; The primary focus for the applicant will be in the context of P. aeruginosa and S. aureus microbiology and pathogenesis in the context of lung infection in patients with cystic fibrosis. We are interested in determining diagnostic biomarkers to discern infection etiology and track it through various clinical scenarios. In addition, we seek to understand the origin of those biomarkers, which exist in a complex, dynamic, but quite fascinating stew in the lung. Required: Ability to design and condu...] / Dartmouth College; Hanover, New Hampshire, United States