Paul Bowyer, PhD

Dr Paul Bowyer

Dr Bowyer is a Senior Scientist and Lecturer in Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester. He earned his first degree in Biochemistry at the University of Bath in 1985 and obtained a PhD in fungal molecular biology from the University of Sheffield in 1991.

Dr Bowyer began work with fungi in 1985 during his PhD on the metabolism and molecular genetics of Aspergillus nidulanswith Professor Geoff Turner. Since then he has worked in a variety of laboratories including the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, UK and at the University of Bristol (IACR Long Ashton) where he has expanded his interest in the molecular biology of fungal pathogens. He has published some pivotal work in the area, including papers in Science and Nature.

His current research interests are in molecular diagnostics and the biology of allergic or invasive diseases caused by fungi. In particular he is interested in development of novel molecular diagnostic tools and discovery of genes involved in pathogenicity or allergenicity. He collaborates closely with colleagues in the Faculties of Medicine and Life Sciences in the University of Manchester including Profs. David Denning and Terri Attwood, Drs William Hope and Peter Warn. He is the author of several patent applications.

Most recent key contributions to the literature:

  • Fedorova, N., Genomic islands in the pathogenic filamentous fungus Aspergillus fumigatus. 2008; PLoS Genet 4(4), e1000046.Pubmed
  • Hedayati, M; Pasqualotto, A; Warn, P; Bowyer, P; Denning, DW. Aspergillus flavus: human pathogen, allergen and mycotoxin producer. 2007; Microbiology 153(Pt6), 1677-92. Pubmed
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