Jenny Bartholomew, BSc PhD

Jenny BartholomewDr Jenny Bartholomew is a Research Associate in the Institute of Inflammation and Repair, University of Manchester.  A Manchester graduate - she formerly worked as a University Lecturer at Monash University, Melbourne for four years where she undertook research into the immunology of connective tissue damage and repair in rheumatoid arthritis, identifying TNF alpha in inflamed cartilage in an animal model of arthritis.
 On returning to Manchester she moved to Christie Hospital, Manchester as a Research Fellow and University teacher where her main research interests were studying the immunological responses to human papillomavirus (HPV 16/18) in cervical cancer. Using recombinant vaccinia virus to express viral proteins from HPV, the major oncoproteins from HPV were studied and used in the development of the cervical cancer vaccine.

For the last 12 years she has been involved in Aspergillus research,  providing clinical and scientific information to patients, doctors and scientists, she manages and publishes theAspergillus website. This is a complex educational resource providing the latest research, technology and information for a wide diversity of users.  She has a particular interest in video media and produces a broad range of video interviews from patients and clinics for educational use. 
She is now engaged in global health programme. Jenny has launched the LIFE (Leading International Fungal Education) programme commencing with a public engagement and awareness  project in 2012, combining  Science with Art, aimed at educating young people about harmful fungi.
This was followed by the LIFE online resource ( for health care professionals encompassing all fungi, the infections they cause, diagnosis and treatments. This resource has a news flow about global health and is targeting global education about fungi and serious infections they can cause. The site is now being translated into Spanish and other languages will follow soon.  She launched the Global Action Fund for Fungal Infection site ( in July 2013 - GAFFI is a foundation based in Geneva, focused on advocacy for access to diagnostics and treatment in every country.

Aspergillus website, <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" "="">Life worldwide organisation, GAFFI , National Aspergillosis CentreMycology Reference Laboratory and Fungal Infection Trust.

Some of my Publications:

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