Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient: An Illustrated Case-based Approach


Edited by Pranatharthi H. Chandrasekar



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Oxford University Press


ISBN-10: 0199938563 ISBN-13: 978-0199938568


Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient offers an illustrated, case-based matrix for treatment of infections across all types of immunosuppressed patients. As the challenges of managing these infections continues to evolve, this collection offers lucid, authoritative guidance to diagnosing and treating these infections effectively.

Comprising 81 cases from leading experts across specialties, this collection offers a guide to both common and uncommon presentations of infections in:

· Cancer patients
· Solid-organ transplant recipients
· Stem-cell recipients
· Patients on immunosuppressive drugs
· Patients with other immunosuppressive conditions

Supplemented with rich color illustrations and insights from more than 100 experts, Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient is the new benchmark reference work for treatment of these difficult cases.