Evaluation of the impact of air handling system on fungal colonization of three medical wards during large demolition works at hospital

Loeffert S.T1, Gustin M.P2, Janez M3, Cassier P3, Dananché C1,4, Bénet T1,4, Perraud M3, Vanhems P1,4.


Edouard Herriot Hospital, composed of 32 blocks (France) is involved in a large modernization program which consisted in the demolition of an entire central medical block names “H”. All the care activities continued in the near blocks.
o Objectives
Demolition can generate fungal spore’s suspension which can be associated with high risk of invasive aspergillosis (IA) in immunocompromised patients 

  • In France, hospital are responsible of the air distributed to patients.
  • Different types of air handling system existed. Their objectives of confort and sanitary secure of aerocontamination depend of the types of unit.
  • In order to be efficient to avoid specific pollution, those systems need to be regularly monitored and maintained.

Evaluate the impact of ventilation system on fungal conidia colonization of 3 wards of one hospital block during demolition



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7th Advances Against Aspergillosis