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Endomyocardial and pericardial aspergillosis in critically ill patients. Dimopoulos G, Frantzeskaki F, Kosmopoulos M, Taccone FS, Van den Abeele AM, Bulpa P, Forêt F, Vogelaers D, Blot S, AspICU investigators. 2017
Combined intrastromal injection of amphotericin B and topical fluconazole in the treatment of resistant cases of keratomycosis: a retrospective study. Nada WM, Al Aswad MA, El-Haig WM. 2017
Molecular dynamic modeling of CYP51B in complex with azole inhibitors. Gao P, Cui YL, Wu RL. 2017
Antifungal prophylaxis in newly diagnosed AML patients-Adherence to guidelines and feasibility in a real life setting. Berking S, Doedens D, Horns H, Fiegl M, Ostermann H, Rieger CT. 2017
A new time-dependent approach for assessment of the impact of invasive aspergillosis shows effect on short- but not on long-term survival of patients with AML or high-risk MDS. van de Peppel RJ, von dem Borne PA, le Cessie S, de Boer MGJ. 2017
Invasive fungal sinusitis: treatment of the orbit. Kalin-Hajdu E, Hirabayashi KE, Vagefi MR, Kersten RC. 2017
Substantial impairment of voriconazole clearance by high-dose meropenem in a patient with renal failure. Mahmoudi M, Brenner T, Hatiboglu G, Burhenne J, Weiss J, Weigand MA, Haefeli WE. 2017
The misleading effect of serum galactomannan testing in high-risk hematology patients receiving prophylaxis with micafungin. Vena A, Bouza E, Álvarez-Uría A, Gayoso J, Martin-Rabadan P, Cajuste F, Guinea J, Gómez Castellá J, Alonso R, Munoz P. 2017
Real-Life Assessment of the Safety and Effectiveness of the New Tablet and Intravenous Formulations of Posaconazole in the Prophylaxis of Invasive Fungal Infections: Analysis of 343 courses. Tverdek FP, Heo ST, Aitken SL, Granwehr B, Kontoyiannis DP. 2017
The Utilization of RNA Silencing Technology to Mitigate the Voriconazole Resistance of Aspergillus Flavus; Lipofectamine-Based Delivery. Nami S, Baradaran B, Mansoori B, Kordbacheh P, Rezaie S, Falahati M, Mohamed Khosroshahi L, Safara M, Zaini F. 2017


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