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Studies on fungal elicitors that include phytoalexin synthesis in phaseolus vulgaris

Coleman Mark, John

Studies on wood-inhabiting fungi in preservative-treated wood

Sorkhoh, Naser Abdel-Azeez Hasan

Studies of fungal elicitors that induce phytoalexin synthesis in phaseolus vulgaris

Coleman, Mark John

Biochemical and mycological studies on stored foods

Snow, Douglas

A comparative study of the mechanisms by which certain fungi and bacteria rot apple fruit

Cole, Martin

The evaluation and development of techniques for the preservation of living filamentous fungi

Smith, D.

A Study of the factors which determine the pathogenicity of aspergilius fumigatus for animals, and an appraisal of the histological changes in animal tissue infected by this fungus

Clayton, Yvonne

Genetics of aromatic amino acid biosynthesis in aspergillus nidulans

Sinha, Umakant

Studies on antigens of Aspergillus : their use in veterinary mycology by Roberto Arnulfo Cervantes-Olivares

Cervantes-Olivares, Roberto Arnulfo

The genetic control of carbohydrate utilisation by the mould Aspergillus Nidulans

Roberts, C. F.

Study of the effects of antifungal agents upon fungi of medical importance/by Eleanor Hazel Ball

Ball, Eleanor Hazel

Adaptation of fungi to fungicides

Priest, Denis

Studies on the selection of mutants in aspergillus nidulans

Apirion, David

Studies on the fungal deterioration of stored maize in Rhodesia

Parkin, John Christopher

Studies of some effects of volatile fungal metabolites on the growth and ecology of soil fungi and of plant pathogenic bacteria, by Kamil Mehdi al-Tamini

al-Tamimi, Kamil Mehdi

Fungi and animals : dermatomycosis in animals and man

O'Sullivan, James G.

Micromorphology of extracellular mucilage in wood-decay fungi

Abu, Ali

Evaluation of the biocontrol potential of four fungal pathogen isolates (Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae) on Heteroptera (Hemiptera) using the model insect Oncopeltus fasciatus (Heteroptera: Lygeadidae)

O'Connell, Lelia

Cloning and expression of cDNA for 'Aspergillus niger' glucoamylase

Abdulrashid, Noor Aini

Studies on fungal cell walls

Obaidah, Mohammad Abu