Laboratory protocols

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Fungal Molecular Biology
Fast and Easy Method for Construction of Plasmid Vectors Using Modified Quick-Change Mutagenesis
Total DNA Isolation from Filamentous Fungi (FGSC)
Growing Fungi for DNA Extraction (FGSC)
Overview of Invasive Fungal Infections
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Current Protocols
Fungal Genetics Stock Centre
Cold Spring Harbour Protocols
whole-cell screening
Natural Products and Antifungal Drug Discovery
Detection in clinical samples
LC-MS/MS assay method for determining voriconazole levels in serum or plasma
HPLC assay method for determining voriconazole levels in serum or plasma
Fungal Diagnostics: Review of Commercially Available Methods
Purification of a Vesicle–Vacuole (V) Fraction from Aspergillus
Video Protocols at the FGSC
Making a transfer
Making a rack of slants
Making a silica gel stock
Sealing an ampoule
Harvesting conidia from a 10 day old culture
Evaluation of the Disease Liability of CFTR Variants
Enzyme synthesis
Enzymatic Synthesis of α-Butylglucoside in a Biphasic Butanol-Water System Using the α-Transglucosidase from Aspergillus niger
Protocol overviews
Overview of invasive fungal infections.
Species/Strain identification
Species-Specific Identification of a Wide Range of Clinically Relevant Fungal Pathogens by the Luminex® xMAP Technology
Secondary metabolites
Enhancing Nonribosomal Peptide Biosynthesis in Filamentous Fungi
Model systems: in vivo
Murine Model of Invasive Aspergillosis
Planar liquid chromatography
Isolation by Planar Chromatography
Additional methods & reference
ISHAM ITS Database