Student Technical Assistant - Pl Clinic

us: Student Technical Assistant - Pl Clinic [Duties: 40% Extracting DNA from plant tissue, fungal and bacterial colonies; 40% Performing molecular assays, including PCR , qPCR and LAMP; 10% Running, imaging and photographing electrophoresis gels; 10% Washing dishes, autoclaving materials, other duties | Preferred Requirements: Must have excellent English communication skills, both oral and written. Must be able to follow step-by-step instructions carefully with much attention to detail and precision. Students will need to be able to work unsupervised as well as in a team environment. Plant pathology molecular diagnostics lab experience of DNA extractions, PCR , LAMP and gel electrophoresis preferred. Must be majoring in biology or a related field, be able to commit at least 8 hours a week, have a high school or OSU GPA > 3.5, be interested in a long-term commitment to research in the lab, work during spring break and summers, and have an openness to being challenged. Freshman and sophomores are preferred; Preferably with work study] / Oregon State University (OSU); Corvallis, Oregon, United States / deadline May 31