Research Scientist of Plant Pathology

us: Research Scientist of Plant Pathology [100% | Duties: Conduct laboratory, greenhouse and field experiments on pathogens of significance to the potato industry. This involves the study of soil-borne pathogens important to potato including, but not limited to, tobacco rattle virus, potato mop top virus, the vectors of these pathogen, Verticillium dahliae, and Colletotrichum coccodes. The primary emphasis of this research is to develop disease management strategies and tactics to control the diseases these pathogens cause including genetic resistance, cultural and chemical control. Additionally, the goal is to develop statistical models that will assist the potato industry to predict the development of these diseases and assess their risk; Develop appropriate experiments, collect and analyze data... | Minimum Requirements: PhD degree in plant pathology with a minimum of three years of post-doctoral experience. Expertise in epidemiology, working with viral and fungal pathogens and an exceptional understanding of advanced statistical analysis procedures. A minimum of five years experience in a microbiological laboratory working with microbial plant pathogens, using both classical and modern methods. A strong publication record in peer-reviewed professional journals is required. Demonstrated experience supervising two of more subordinates simultaneously, managing supplies in a well-equipped microbiology laboratory and working in a safe environment with hazardous materials. Adept at using computers, data acquisition and analysis software. Effective oral and writt... | Preferred Requirements: Knowledge and experience in molecular biology and the operation of precision analytical equipment such as electrophoresis equipment, PCR thermocyclers and real-time PCR machines] / North Dakota State University of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (NDSU); Fargo, North Dakota, United States