Research Position: Lichen secondary metabolites

it: Research Position: Lichen secondary metabolites [Duties: Lichens are a complex symbiotic association between fungi and algae and represent model organisms in the study of the biology of symbiosis and the effects of the environment on sensitive organisms. As a result of the symbiotic association, the fungal partners produce specific secondary metabolites known as " lichen substances" This research project will focus on different aspects of the biology of secondary metabolites in lichens. In particular: 1) The role of lichen substances in the mechanisms of bioaccumulation of trace elements; 2) The antioxidant action of lichen secondary metabolites in response to natural and anthropogenic environmental stresses; 3) The research of antimicrobials of natural origin, obtained from lichens, with the eva... | Minimum Requirements: The qualification to apply every selection is specified in the notice for each research program. To apply for research grants:; Applications and CVs sent by e-mail are not accepted] / Università degli Studi di Genova; Genova, Liguria, Italy / deadline May 31