Postdoc Research Associate (Gladfelter)

us: Postdoc Research Associate (Gladfelter) [100% | Duties: The work in the Gladfelter Lab combines live cell imaging with biochemical reconstitution to understand fundamental aspects of cell organization. In particular, we are interested in how cells perceive their shape and how cells generate dynamic compartments within both cytosol and membranes. We exploit a number of cell-based systems including fungi and mammalian cells and have robust reconstitution assays for both cytoskeletal polymerization and biomolecular phase transitions. Our lab has focused on both the development and implementation of cutting edge-light microscopy approaches. There are two main research areas of focus in the lab: 1. Cell shape sensing and biophysical properties and dynamics of septin-based polymers 2. RNA -protein pha... | Minimum Requirements: Ph.D. in genetics, cell biology or molecular biology or related life-science discipline; Experience with fungal genetics is essential, microscopy and image processing experience is ideal along with experience culturing cells or in biochemical approaches to purify and analyze protein and/or RNA complexes] / University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC); Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States