uk: Bioinformatician [3 y | 100% | Duties: Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes are major bioinformatics resources integrating, interpreting and disseminating genome-scale data to the research community. They are maintained by a team of bioinformaticians and software developers, producing scalable infrastructure for genome analysis and building releases of integrated data sets. We are now seeking to appoint someone to work on our Ensembl sites for Bacteria, Protists and Fungal | Minimum Requirements: Degree in computer science or bioinformatics, or a degree in biological sciences and a post-graduate qualification in computer science or bioinformatics. You should have one of the following: a minimum of two years professional programming experience or research experience with next generation sequencing data. The candidate must have good knowledge of Perl, though experience in other scripting languages (e.g. Python, Ruby) or compiled languages (e.g. Java) will also be taken into consideration. Knowledge of relational database management systems (e.g. MySQL), writing SQL statements and designing database schemas is essential | Preferred Requirements: Experience working in genomics, microbiology or bioinformatics is highly desirable, but not essential. Experience of working in a dynamic, team-based environment and contributing to a shared code-base is desirable. Experience of using Ensembl, of handling large data sets, of workflow management systems for distributed computing (e.g. LSF, SGE), of other database technologies (NoSQL and traditional RDBMS), and of the use of biological ontologies for data annotation, are all desirable] / European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL); Heidelberg, Baden‐Württemberg, United Kingdom / deadline January 7