Bacteriology Technician

us: Bacteriology Technician [100% | Duties: Under supervision, responsible for preparation and direct plating of animal tissues and fluids, environmental and food samples for classical and/or molecular bacteriological analysis, and sample processing of high-consequence, regulatory testing samples. Prepare and evaluate direct smears for bacteria, fungi and parasites. Evaluate diagnostic specimens for the presence of Trichomonads, | Minimum Requirements: Experience working in a high-volume, clinical, regulated veterinary or human diagnostic bacteriology laboratory; Experience in providing client service in a medical discipline; Background in bacteriology and parasitology with an emphasis on molecular biology; Knowledge of basic chemistry, biology, and biochemistry needed to perform diagnostic testing for infectious agents; Organizational skills to establish daily priorities, variable workload demands and large sample volume (multi-tasking); Experience processing clinical (animal tissues and fluids) and environmental samples for bacterial, fungal, and parasitology examination; Familiarity with the theory and practical applications of standard and real-time PCR along with the requirements for... | Preferred Requirements: Skills utilizing specialized software including CAHFS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS); Knowledge of quality control/quality assurance standards appropriate for an accredited, clinical diagnostic laboratory; Skills to obtain accurate weights using an analytical balance and utilize formulas to prepare reagents needed for diagnostic procedures; Knowledge and skills working in a clinical laboratory operating centrifuge, micro-pipetting equipment, thermocyclers, microscopes, biosafety cabinet, and laminar flow biosafety hood; Skills maintaining accurate inventory and quality control records for biological media and reagents, and following written protocols and produce clear and concise reports] / University of California, Davis (UC Davis); Davis, California, United States / deadline June 30