Aphea.Bio: Plant Pathologist - Physiologist

be: Aphea.Bio: Plant Pathologist - Physiologist [Duties: Job Description; ​Aphea.Bio is a young start-up company that focuses on the exploitation of natural, beneficial interactions that occur between microorganisms and plants. Aphea.Bio discovers and develops new biology-based agricultural products for crop protection and crop improvement, hence shaping a more sustainable agriculture. We are seeking highly motivated and innovative scientists to help us carry out the research and development of novel and superior agricultural biological products. Successful candidates will become part of a committed, creative and highly dynamic team with opportunities to take responsibility and stimulate personal development. Aphea.Bio is based in Ghent, Belgium, embedded in the largest European Agro-Biotech va... | Minimum Requirements: ​Qualifications: Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of plant pathology and plant physiology; Deep knowledge of wheat fungal pathogens and control; Ability to design, organize and perform wheat fungal disease bio-assays; Strong ability to coordinate collaborations with external parties; Ability to perform and interpret studies involving plant pathology in laboratory and field conditions; Ability to think strategically and creatively with regard to development of microbial products; Ability to read, analyze and interpret scientific journal articles, technical procedures, and government regulations; Strong capability to communicate and present trial data to R&D leadership team; Experience in coaching and supervising te...] / Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB); Gent, Belgium