TIMM 6th (2014)

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Veronaea botryosa: Molecular identification with amplified fragment length polymorphism and in vitro antifungal susceptibility (click for details)
Molecular identification and antifungal susceptibility of clinical Scedosporium/Pseudallescheria isolates from a Spanish teaching hospital (click for details)
Genotypic diversity and in vitro susceptibility of Cryptococcus neoformans variety grubii in Asia (click for details)
Clinical significance and molecular characterization of non sporulating moulds isolated from patients with bronchopulmonary mycoses with special reference to basidiomycetes (click for details)
Efficacy and safety of amphotericin B Lipid Complex (ABLC) in adult oncohematological patients after failure of antifungal prophylaxis (click for details)
P-27530: In vitro evaluation of antifungal activity against a broad spectrum of yeast and filamentous fungi: investigation of the evolution of resistance in Trichophyton rubrum (click for details)
Burden of serious fungal diseases in Republic of Korea (click for details)
Evaluation of the Bruker MALDI BioTyperTM 3 database for the identification of filamentous fungi compared with conventional identification and ITS rRNA genotyping (click for details)
Management of fungal colonization/infection (click for details)
Aspergillus-lateral flow device as a point-of-care test for the diagnosis of invasive fungal infections in patients with leukemia or receiving allogenic stem cell transplantation (click for details)


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