ICAAC 43rd

Pharmacokinetics of BAL4815, a New Azole Antifungal, after Administration of Single Ascending Oral Doses of its Pro-Drug BAL8557 (click for details)
AmBisome (AmBi) as Monotherapy or Sequential Combination Therapy with Itraconazole (Itra) or Cancidas (Cn) for the Treatment of Systemic Aspergillosis in Chronically Immunosuppressed (IS) Mice. (click for details)
Kidney (K) Concentrations are Critical in Understanding the Pharmacodynamics (PD) of Caspofungin (C). (click for details)
In Vitro Susceptibility of aspergillus Clinical Isolates to Amphotericin B (AMB), Itraconazole (ITZ) and Voriconazole (VRC) by E-Test and the Effect of Prior Antifungal Exposure. (click for details)
Effect of Ethnicity on the Pharmacokinetics of Posaconazole in Healthy Volunteers. Day 1 Day 8 Mean Parameter White Black White Black (click for details)
Stereoselective Pharmacokinetics (PK) of Oral Ketoconazole (K) in Healthy Subjects. (click for details)
Voriconazole (V) Use in Liver Transplant (LT) Recipients with Invasive Fungal Infection. (click for details)
Colorimetric Method for In Vitro Susceptibility Testing of Caspofungin against Candida and aspergillus. (click for details)
Gene Expression and Proteomic Profile Analysis Reveals Novel Gene and Protein Expression Patterns Associated with Fluconazole Resistance in Clinical Isolates of Candida albicans. (click for details)
Efficacy of Allicin, the Reactive Molecule of Garlic, in Inhibiting aspergillus spp. In Vitro, and in a Murine Model of Disseminated Aspergillosis. (click for details)


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